` Offshore Floating Warehouse Accomodation Supply Vessel/Barge - Deepwater Drilling Exploration

Why Choose CMOS Solutions?

How To Save 35 Million USD Per Year

(Based on 4 Rig Offshore Operations)

PSV’s and AHTS Supply Boat Cost Savings

Drilling Operations for Four (4) Drilling Rigs operating in the same field could easily be supported with five (5) vessels only.

Eliminates Four (4) Vessels out of Nine (9) vessels.

Estimated Charter Hire Cost: 4 x US$ 18,000.00 = US$ 72,000.00 per day

  • Estimated Fuel Savings

Four Vessel Release Estimated 32 Metric Tons

4 x 8MT = 32MT x US$ 1,000.00 = US$ 32,000.00

Five (5) Vessel on Hire not Required to Run to Land Base.

5 x 4MT = 20MT x US$ 1,000.00 = US$ 20,000.00

Total Fuel Savings = US$ 52,000.00 per day

  • Estimated Port Call Savings (Estimated 60 calls per month)
    US$ 6,000.00 per day
  • Estimated Potable and Drill Water Savings
    US$ 3,600.00 per day
  • Estimated Savings for Warehouse and Open Storage
    US$ 1,500.00 per day
  • Estimated Savings for Personnel Costs
    US$ 1,500.00 per day
  • Estimated Savings for Trucking and Crane Charges
    US$ 3,000.00 per day
  • Estimated Savings for Misc. Cost Such as Pilferage, Lost of Materials, etc.
    US$ 3,000.00 per day
  • Estimated Total Savings
    US$ 145,600.00 per day
  • Cost of TOS Integrity
    US$ 44,000.00 per day
  • Cost of Fuel (3.5MT per day x US$ 1000.00)
    US$ 3,500.00 per day
  • TOTAL US$ 47,500.00 per day


Cost Savings US$ 145,600.00 per day

Cost of Warehouse Vessel US$ 47,500.00 per day

Total Savings per day = US$ 98,100.00 per day


This would be a savings of US$ 35,806,500.00 PER YEAR



Cost Savings In Offshore Deepwater Drilling and Exploration

At present most of the new Offshore Drilling and exploration activities around the world are going into deeper water and further offshore as most of the Oil and Gas well near the shelves has been fully explored and produced. With the present day offshore operations, the demand and utilization for a Warehouse Accommodation Barge “ISMAYA” and the Warehouse and Accommodation vessel “TOS Integrity” would be very high usage for these type of vessels and would bring about a big cost saving for the Oil Major. The huge cost savings are achieved through the following:

  • Less Charter of supply and utility vessel required to do the milk runs back and forth to land marine base. As the Ismaya and the TOS Integrity have large storage space for bulk, liquid, drilling equipment and materials. With the current market price for one (1) supply vessel, the saving is around Eighteen Thousand United States Dollars (USD18,000.00) per day or more, not counting less Fuel consumption which will average 10 metric ton per day. That will be a total savings of US$25,000.00 per day. Normally the presence of the ISMAYA or TOS INTEGRITY would cut down the requirements of a supply vessel by at least one vessel per offshore Rig.
  • The ISMAYA - can load up to 15,000 mt of Drilling Equipment, Diesel Fuel, Drill & Portable Water plus Beds for 120 men to drill Three (3) 12,000 feet wells.
  • TOS Integrity - can load up to 39,000 mt of Drilling Equipment, Diesel Fuel, Drill and Portable Water plus beds for 100 men to Drill ten (10) 12,000 feet wells. This vessel is ideal for several Rig Operations.
  • ISMAYA and the TOS Integrity are also capable of handling and storing oil base mud. The Oil Base mud can also be re-conditioned and cleaned onboard before sending back to the Rigs.
  • Drilling Mud can also be pre-mixed on both vessels.
  • The large storage area (deck, Pipe Rack and below deck) that both vessels have to offer will cut down on cost of Warehousing and Open Storage on land, thus reducing the rental cost and manpower requirement ashore.
  • For re-supplying of Drilling Equipment and Materials plus Fuel can be sent to either Warehouse Vessel with 6/8 Thousands Tons Coaster Freighter and Tanker. The current cost for this type of Coaster vessel is 60 percent less cost than of Offshore Supply Vessel. Fuel Consumption is a lot less and can carry 3 to 4.5 times more cargo.
  • With the Warehouse vessel in close vicinity (1 ~ 3km) of the Rigs, waiting time for the supply of Drilling Materials and Equipment will be much less and thus operation of the Rigs would be much more productive. With the turnaround time of the Supply Vessels up to 3 or more days, this would be a huge cost saving on Rigs Waiting Time. PLUS CUT DOWN ON GREEN HOUSE GASES.
  • By having a large well designed Warevessel positioned Offshore, this will eliminate problems at congested and shallow water ports and huge amount of costs, custom inspection delays, pilferages and onshore warehousing problems which will amount to huge cost savings. More than the Charter costs of the Warehouse Vessels.
  • The above statements can be easily supported by the existing utilization of this type of vessels, extracts from Oil and Gas Publication on Deep Water Explorations and the prospective job offers and inquiries from Major Oil companies for these vessels.
  • ISMAYA utilization since 2001 has been 85 percent "year after year".