Ware Vessel TOS Integrity (TOSI)

The TOSI ware vessel can load up to 39.000MT of Drilling Equipment, Fuel, Drill and Portable Water plus Beds for 100 men. Estimated completion date - 1st Quarter of 2014.


Name MV TOS Integrity
Year Built December 1974
Place Built Portland, Oregon
Flag Saint Kitts & Nevis
Double Hull  
Length 625ft (190.5m)
Beam 96ft ( 29.25m)
Depth 50ft (22.85m)
Operating Depth 3000ft (914m)

What it Can Give

Drill Water – 98% Full 8,000 cu. meters
Fuel Oil - 98% Full 13,195 cu. meters
Ballast/ Drill Water 98% Full 10,015 cu. meters
Portable Water 98% Full 1,500 cu. meters
Base Synthetic – 98% Full 2,000 cu. meters
Synthetic Base Pre-Mixed Mud 2,000 cu. meters
Sodium Bromide 1,000 cu. meters
Nine (9) Twin Deck Cargo Holds 24,300 cu. Meters
Main Deck Area 4,200 sq. meters
Pipe Rack Deck 3,902 sq. meters
Bulk Cement / Mud 6 x 3600 cu. ft. Silo 610 cu. meters
Four (4) Storage Tanks 4 x 2100 bbls 1,335 cu. meters
Miscellaneous Storage 7,060 sq. meters
6 Active Mud Tank 475 cu. meter
Liquid Mud Storage 320 cu. meter
Synthetic Base Mud Storage 5,000 cu. Meter
Heli-Deck Sikorsky S-92
Water Maker 450 MT per day
Communication V-SAT, Inmarsat, SSB, VHF-FM & GMDSS
Accommodation/ Office 100 beds / 3 Offices
Hospital 4 beds
Dry Food Storage 1 year
Freezer 6 months
Chiller 1 month
Radar 2 units
Cranes 3 units/45 to 120 MT
Forklift 4 units/ 3.5 MT
Brine Mixing Facilities
Synthetic Base Mud Recondition Facilities
Pallets or Big Bags
Pipe storage to drill up to 8 x 15,000ft Well
Machine shop
Fast Rescue Craft 1 unit
Crew Boat 12 passengers 1 unit

Optional Equipments:

Breakout unit 14” Max. 1 unit
Jar tester 1 unit
Mud Lab 1 unit
Tubular inspection 1 unit
Drill cutting cleaning plant 1 unit
Close loop waste incinerator 1 unit

Warehouse Vessel Advantages

Cut Down Costs on :
Workboats and Supply Vessels
Port Calls
Port Congestion and Cost
Pipe Yard and Supply Base
Double and Triple Handling
Crane Charges
Drilling Water and Potable Water
Rigs Down Time
Re-supply by Using 6 to 8 Ton Coaster Fuel Tanker and Coaster Cargo Vessels
Drill Fluid Mixing Facility
Brine Completion Fluid Mixing Facility
Oil Base Mud Re-condition Facility
Eliminates Waiting Time for Supply Boat

Warehouse Vessel – Convenience

Warehouse Vessel as a Floating Supply Base which will be within 5/8 miles from any given Rig.
60/80 Beds available – Saves on Hotel and Services Personnel Cost.